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By | November 27, 2021
HP Laptop Support

How to Fix HP Laptop Keyboard not Working?

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Are you also struggling with HP Keyboard not working issue? HP Laptop Support is the right place to visit to get this issue resolved. The keyboard is an indispensable part of your Laptop or Desktop at home or office. It is quite hard to imagine working on a Laptop or a desktop in absence of a keyboard. There are devices that are equipped with on-screen keyboards however, it is a bit difficult to maintain typing speed on them. A simple piece of work that you can easily accomplish in moments on a normal keyboard may take ages while using an on-screen keyboard. These kinds of situations may hamper your work deadlines and can increase your workload.

In absence of a repair shop around us may take longer to get the keyboard repaired. Hence, If you are also having an HP Laptop keyboard that is not in the running stage and is in a faulty state. In case, you do not have any repair shop near to you, you can easily do a few troubleshooting steps to get that back working.

Most importantly, clients with HP PCs which have somewhat old do deal with this issue. Unfortunately, if you’re also one of those and need a direction towards fixing HP Laptop Keyboard not working. To fix it permanently may be quite tough as it will require uncommon consideration from somebody knowledgeable with fixing HP Laptop Keyboard not working. Online Support for HP Laptop is your best friend towards resolving issues such as Keyboard not working.

Main Reasons affecting your HP Keyboard:

A faulty driver: An expired or faulty driver may cause your device’s keyboard to malfunction and fail. This problem can be easily taken care of by uninstalling the faulty driver from your laptop and then again reinstalling the same driver.

An outdated driver version: This may also hamper the performance and working of your keyboard. Outdated versions of drivers generally carry bugs that need to be fixed by installing the latest and updated versions.

Faulty keys: This is also one of the major causes which may turn toward the poor performance of your keyboard.

We have hereby mentioned a few of fix that you may try to resolve your keyboard issue.

1. Reboot HP Laptop

Reboot your HP Laptop

Rebooting is the simplest and quick method to fix any lag or freezing in your HP laptop. Generally, your devices get stacked up with multiple junk files and hence need a reboot badly. Unfortunately due to our non-stop working, we rarely turn off our laptop while we are working to give a breather to our device. Hence, the first thing which should be tried is to Reboot your HP Laptop.

2. Try using an External Keyboard on HP Laptop

External Keyboard for HP Laptop

As we use an external mouse, speakers, same way we can also connect external keyboard with our laptop. Besides, rebooting, this is the second-best option that can be tried and tested if rebooting does not work well for you. An external keyboard can be purchased easily from any shop around you and can be connected with the help of a USB cable.

3. Update Keyboard Driver on HP Laptop

If rebooting and connecting an external keyboard did not work for you, then probably you might think of updating the keyboard driver. The probability of software malfunction is generally higher. To update your keyboard driver, Visit Control Panel and Press on Device Manager. Under this section, you will see options for Keyboards.

HP Laptop Keyboard not working


Click on uninstall the Keyboard driver and reboot your HP laptop. This will allow all the drivers to get reinstalled automatically. If you come across any pending driver update, you can proceed to Device Manager under Control Panel and look for updates. Do not forget to download and install any pending updates.

You can try all of these methods one by one if you are also facing HP Keyboard not working issue. Despite the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps, if you are still unable to put your Keyboard back on working, you can reach out HP laptop technical support number on +1-800-673-8163






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